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October 08 2012


Wall Clutter and Pushy Sales Efforts Discourage Customers from Liking Dealer Facebook Pages - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Dealership Discounts, Service Coupons and Promotional Offers Drive Likes More Than Customer Loyalty - They drive customers to Like a Car Dealer's Facebook Page! Overall, the Lab42 study finds that 87% of the social media users surveyed like business pages on Facebook. When asked their biggest motivator for doing so, these respondents cited promotions and discounts most often (34%), followed by free giveaways (21%). Loyalty and business trust were cited by 14% and 11% respectively. 77% of respondents who liked businesses on Facebook reported having saved money as a result of their likes. Use the link provided to view the entire article and access the data charts... Please leave a comment on the ADM blog page where this article is posted.

September 30 2012


Social Media Marketing Strategy: Defining the Functional Requirements for Car Dealers - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

The purpose of this ADM Professional Community Forum discussion is to serve as a 'Living Document' based on the specific objectives around defining what a comprehensive 'Automotive Social Media Marketing Strategy' for a car dealer should either include or consider. Vastly expanded since originally being posted with extensive social media video marketing resources, embedded how-to videos and file attachments...

May 08 2012


The 4 Fundamentals of Writing a Good Press Release

Many thanks to Sara Callahan for a really great tutorial on how to write press releases... I have read many articles about the subject, some of them rather lengthy in nature, but Sara's is one of the most practical, easy to understand and clearly constructed guides in a compact piece that I have ever seen. Use the link provided to read Sara's full article and please leave her a comment...

August 14 2011


Reliability Perceptions are Changing - Not Good for Toyota - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

The top five high-volume brands have each dramatically reduced their problem incidence since 2005. In fact, Ford’s is now nearly on par with long-time industry leaders Honda and Toyota.
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